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Literacy Adult EducationAdult Literacy Training Program.
Can there be anything more important than the ability to read? We think not. Living as a literate person is probably second only to having employment, food and shelter. And in order to successfully have those things, one’s ability to read and comprehend what you read is critical.

literacy proposal Download Program PDF

– Our tutors will do the training at your establishment.
– We will assess the learners who express an interest in the literacy program to determine their skill level.
– Respecting each learner’s privacy, we will determine which learners would prefer one-on-one tutoring sessions and which are okay with group classes.
– Our well-trained tutors will be matched with an adult learner.
– We will ask for a three-month commitment on the part of tutors and learners for each session as the learners progress in skills. The sessions will continue until there is a mutual agreement between the tutor and the adult learner that the learner has reached his or her goal.
– Materials for the classes will be provided – free – by VVAEC.
– Tutors and Learners will be asked to sign an agreement as to their expected conduct and commitment to the literacy program.
– PARTNERSHIPS: We welcome the opportunity to partner with other nonprofits.
– We are recruiting volunteer tutors to work with our adult learners.
– OUR GOAL: We want to help the adult learner achieve their goal. That might be to learn to read so they can then read a bedtime story to their child or grandchild, help a child with homework, learn to read their Bible, understand a recipe or to read a mystery novel. Our goal is to help them achieve their reading goals.
Victor Valley Arts and Education Center is a 501c3 nonprofit. We welcome your contributions to help us fulfill our mission in the arts and providing this literacy program. Our goal is for the program to be free to the adult learner. But training and materials cost money. We welcome both private and corporate contributions through our website or by check.